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Just 30 seconds will help you understand how UProject is convenient for controlling your projects.


Everyone has a lot of personal projects that require constant money spending. These can be short-term projects (apartment renovation, cars, assembly of a 3D printer, etc.), as well as long-term ones (building a house, traveling, hobbies). UProject will help you control costs as conveniently as possible. Below, you can see only a small part of personal projects with which UProject can help you.

Renovation or construction

Create a project, add each expenditure, specifying the maximum number of categories. In the future, it will allow analyzing in detail each type of work. For example, you bought some paint for the walls in the children's room. Add your purchase in the following categories: paint, walls, children's room, ground floor, etc. At the end of the work, you can easily find out how much money you spent on this or that type of renovation or purchased materials. By combining categories, you can see how much was spent on the walls of the children's room or paint for the entire first floor.


With UProject, you can easily keep track of any long-term project. For example, if you are fond of fishing, you can add all the costs for it in a separate project and view statistics for a month, a year, or all the time.

Car Expenses

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to maintain your car for a year or ten years? How much did you spend on repairs, scheduled maintenance, and spare parts? UProject will help to cope with this task as well. Just create a project by giving it a meaningful name like Audi A4. Add each waste by specifying the desired category or creating new tags. For instance, scheduled maintenance, repairs, rubber, and so on. If necessary, attach receipts by quickly photographing them with your smartphone.

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